April 22, 2011

iPhone capable Track the Users Location

Some security researchers claimed that Apple secretly able trace the whereabouts of iPhone users and store it in a file that can be easily accessed by a nosy boss or spouse who easily jealous.

iphone 3gs
Telegraph reported on Thursday, April 21, 2011, That the iPhone capable to record the existence from the coordinate information of users via longitude and latitude and time zone related. Data can be easily copied to another computer by anyone who wants to find the mobile phone.

The content is stored in a file called "consolidated.db" and found by two British software developers who are creating a way to visualize data for site location.

"At first we were not sure how much of the data contained in that file. But after we examined further and look at the data obtained, it was obvious a lot of files which contain details of the users movement," said Alisdair Allan and Pete Warden.

Allan and Warden annunciate, recording of the iPhone users location could have been held since June 2010 ago, or since the emergence of IOS 4.

For information, Warden previously worked for Apple, though in the field that are not related to the existence of this file.

Indeed, monitoring of the mobile phone users can be done by telecom operators for the purposes of police investigations or intelligence agencies. but, the data stored in the iPhone can be accessed by anyone who has access to mobile phones and computers connected to the phone. Moreover, the data is not protected by passwords or encryption.