May 29, 2011

Microsoft is not Launches the Windows 8 in 2012

Windows 8 logoTech InfoSAN FRANCISCO - A few days ago Steve Ballmer confirmed that Microsoft will launch the next generation of Windows platform that is temporarily referred to as Windows 8 in 2012. But this is contradicted directly by the Microsoft official itself.

"There seems to be a wrongly statement. At present we are excited to welcome the latest generation of Windows 7 which will come in the next fiscal year," said Microsoft as reported by ZDNet on Sunday, May 29, 2011.

"Meanwhile for the present, we have not issued a formally announcement about the name and time of arrival of the latest generation of Windows Operating System," Microsoft added.

In fact, in a previously statement, Ballmer uses the name 'Windows 8 ' related to the operating system. "You will hear a lot about Windows 8, whether it is tablet, PC or other variations,"said Ballmer.

Previously, Microsoft is also reportedly prepare to present the operating system of Windows tablet version next week, in an event that has been prepared.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is reluctant to comment on the rumors. Especially after other newspapers said that the Operating System for the tablet will be holding microprocessor Tegra