May 11, 2011

a New Xbox Console Developed by Microsoft

Xbox 360

That new hardware rumored has been sent to EA in last April. Because its design is still raw, the that console does not have casing, so it to be in a PC

Tech Info (CALIFORNIA) - Microsoft was allegedly being developes to the Xbox 360 successor console. In fact, prototypes of this console rumored already reached to Electronic Arts as a game developer party that got the honor to test the console.

"We often receive a new console that is stored in the PC package. And when we look at it, we just know it is a new console," said one senior employee was quoted as saying by EA Development of Technology magazines, on Saturday, May 7, 2011.

In past March, emerging speculation that Microsoft is in the early stages in developing the successor of Xbox 360 which got a phenomenal success. Because the Xbox Concole Architecture Group has been making the jobs vacancy advertisements such as Graphics Hardware and Performance Engineer. Newer employee is believed capable to be responsible to "make the concept and create the next generation consoles" as stated of that ad.

Related to these brand-new console specifications, there is still no information could be obtained. However, the developer indicated that the brand-new of Xbox will feature support for the Kinect motion sensor, with some changes.


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