May 21, 2011

Google Advisor as a Financial Comparison Tool

Google Advisor preview
Tech Info – (CALIFORNIA) - Google launched a new tool to find and compare the financial products, and named Google Advisor.

As quoted by Mashable on Friday, May 20, 2011, the Google Advisor was created as a financial comparison tool which can helps users to measure the number of the mortgages, credit cards, savings accounts and others, with providing a list of appropriate financial instruments.

For Mortgages, Google Advisor provides the data such as monthly payment, payment and contact address. For Credit Card, Google Advisor also provides a data of card type, annual payments, rewards, and many more.

Google Advisor itself is not a search engine, but a comparison engine that has a lot of filters.

Google has long wanted to log into the financial sector. For instance, in last March, Google purchased BeatThatQuote, a comparison site from the UK, worth of USD 61.5 million. Therefore, many say that Google Advisor similar to BeatThatQuote.

Analysts predicted that this service was beginning of a series of Google tools for the financial sector.

You could try out the Google Advisor services with clicking it:


TUKANG CoLoNG said...

kayaknya ini ranah google yang belum pernah sama sekali ku coba. haha