April 6, 2011

The NFC era Will be Present, Mobile Phone Replace the Wallets

NFC Mobile Phone
Tech Info - Phone will soon have functions similar to a credit card , which becomes a means to pay. The technology, NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION (NFC), allowing you to pay without need to open the wallet.

Like what? NFC is a technology that will be a game changer in the future. With the functional so that all mobile phone vendors around the world will come to adopt. This year it is estimated 35 million units of mobile phones will use the NFC technology. In 2012, ABI Research predicts the number will be double to more than 70 million units.

If the production will be massive, how fast this technology will be adopted? Firma Research Gartner said, in 2014 there will be 340 million people worldwide who already use this payment system. In fact, non-cash payment at this time more increase. While the use of physical cash more decline. Economists rate, the amount of money increases, but the bills which stored in wallet just more little.

Well, to know the power of NFC technology is actually easy. If you have a credit card and debit card in your wallet, chances are you will be using NFC technology in the future. Therefore, the NFC could be said to have approximately the same function with this both card. The difference, which is used to pay for clothes shopping, dinner, or maybe buy a gift for a friend who had just given married is not a credit card, but your cell phone.