April 27, 2011

The Users of Mobile Phone in China Almost Reached 900 Million

The number of 3G subscribers in China soared by increased sales of smartphones

Tech Info - In the near times, China will be the first country which has more than 900 million mobile phone users. Based on official statistics issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the number of mobile users in this country has reached 889 million at the end of March ago.

During the quarter, recorded the number of mobile users increased by 30 million. When viewed from the past growth, the number of Chinese mobile phone users it is estimated can reach 900 million in May.

Analysts say that sales of smartphones in China has boosted the increase of 3G subscribers in this country. In 2009, sales of smartphones only reached 21 million units. Last year, the number rose be 62 million units of mobile phones.

This year sales of smartphones in China estimated will reach 95 million units. Meanwhile, last year the number of mobile phone users in China who surf the web, reaching 303 million people.

Meanwhile, India be the second country with the largest number of mobile users in the world. Based on data from Indian telecom regulator per month of February, existing 791 million mobile phone users in the country.

This is a very significant growth, since September 2010 ago, the number of mobile users in India only reached 687 million users. Meanwhile mobile phone users in the United States just to reach 303 million.


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