June 11, 2011

Google, Yahoo and Facebook Committed to Support IPv6

Tech Info - CALIFORNIA - Only one day after experiment for 24 hours using IPv6 and got successfully , Google, Yahoo and Facebook said they would be permanently to upgrade to the Internet protocol on their main site.

As reported by Info World on Saturday June 11, 2011, "We saw 65 percent growth in our IPv6 traffic on the Day of the World IPv6," said Lorenzo Colitti, IPv6 Software Engineer at Google.

Besides Google, Facebook as a giant social networking also got a encouraging results when tested the internet protocol.

"At Facebook, we saw over than a million our users visited us in IPv6," said a senior network engineer at Facebook, Don Lee.

"There are no technical problems along period of 24 hours. It's supported by the positive comments on our blog, this is very attractive to see the passionate of the peoples on the IPv6 around the world," he added.

After obtaining the positive result, Facebook has been decided to support the IPv6 on its website for the developers, at the URL : http://developers.facebook.com/

"We will keep to adapt on our entire basic code to support IPv6," said Lee again. "IPv6 allow the Internet to continue an amazing development," he concluded.


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