June 28, 2011

Intel Prepares a Processor for Windows 8

The Intel admit that currently is preparing a processor Cloverview Atom and Clover Trial coincided with the presence of Windows 8

Tech Info - CALIFORNIA - As quoted by Electronista on Tuesday, June 28, 2011, "Intel is hoping with the presence of chips and software upgrade can be increase the strength of Microsoft ARM's device for Windows 8," said Bill Kircos, Public Relations Director of Intel products and technologies.

Intel Inside Logo
Intel also plans to get the Atom architecture in many the use of Atom models in 2012 as on netbooks, tablets, slider device and other future products that build on the Atom 32nm chip (nanometers).

Furthermore, Intel expects to reduce the consumption of power and increase the battery usage. Clover Trail is currently estimated will appear in early 2012 to combat the threat of quad-core NVidia "Kal-El" and the ARM Cortex A15, not to mention the Apple's future chips that possible developed better for 2012.

Kircos said that a Cloverview platform will meets or wins the Windows 8 to international market, and can provide a more compelling reason for consumers to upgrade to newer hardware.

It seems that the presence of Windows 8 eventually has been a complete package with sophisticated technology. However, we still need to wait for these operating system is issued by Windows.

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TUKANG CoLoNG said...

Udah ada yang untuk Windows 8 tapi aku masih ama XP. :D