July 2, 2011

Hitachi, Toshiba & Sony Will Working Together for LCD Business?

A surprising rumor came from Japan. The electronics company, Hitachi is rumored involved in discussions with Toshiba and Sony to merge their unit of liquid-crystal display (LCD). Is it really?

As news reported by Reuters quoted by Tech's Eye on Thursday, June 30. 2011. Not only that, Reuters also mentioned that Hitachi was holding similar talks with Taiwanese giants manufacturing, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.

If the discussions is realized, the cooperations of three Japanese electronics giant will no doubt became the world largest small panel maker. Reuters informant also claimed that the deal might be going to attract Innovation Network of Japan, which funded by government to inject up to $ 2, 5 billion to this unit.

Toshiba and Sony also rumored planning a merger to face fierce competition in the LCD business with other Asian competitors like Samsung.

Hitachi Business panel itself still has not been strong to face the competitors in the market. Hitachi requires a large investment on a regular basis to survive in the midst of a dynamic price competition.

Sharp, which is the largest LCD panel maker, they will shift focus from the panel TV to the small panel. So the competition will be more tight .


TUKANG CoLoNG said...

Seru nih kita simak gimana kelanjutan perang antar pelaku besar dalam dunia IT ini. :D